Katie Belletto has been in business for over 10 years. She's a very savvy business woman who loves keeping up with marketing trends and constantly improving her brand and business. After 10 plus years she knew it was time to update her brand, make booking easier for her clients, and embark on a new and improved website. MONSTERHOUSE was thrilled to take on her marketing overhaul.

At MONSTERHOUSE we're expert listeners when it comes to the vision of our clients. We sat down with Katie and from there we created a rebrand that she was sure to love. From there we built her a brand new website with client booking easy and integrations to help her run her business better. Next we put our team to work in creating monthly promotional ads and social engagement posts to bring in new clients and add value for her existing clients. The implementation of a monthly newsletter and email marketing made it to where she needed to hire more staff to keep up with the incoming new business and bookings. We were able to assist with that also through ad placement and hyper targeting.