Kyle, a doctor who specializes in helping children with autism, wanted to make a difference within his community and beyond. He noticed a trend of children in need of services who were being placed on waiting lists for months and years at a time and wanted to open a business that provided immediate and direct access to quality ABA therapy services. MONSTERHOUSE was more than ready to help him build his dream.

ABA Services and ABA TeleHealth began with MONSTERHOUSE at the marketing helm while Kyle was able to focus on the business and provide services. MONSTERHOUSE took the existing logos and defined the brand, created the websites for each company, created and managed their social media, email marketing, and collateral. MONSTERHOUSE created and optimize Google and Facebook hyper targeting ads through keyword research. We increased search engine optimization (SEO) with the application of these keywords across all platforms. Kyle has been able to open 3 physical locations in Indianapolis and provide ABA Telehealth services to children in 18 different states and counting.